I’m a Hecht-Levi postdoctoral fellow at the Berman Institute of Bioethics (Johns Hopkins University).

I work mainly in political philosophy, bioethics, and philosophy of law. A large portion of my research is dedicated to interpreting, defending and exploring the implications of basic equality, the idea that all human beings are equal in moral status and deserve to be treated “as equals.” More generally, I am interested in the concept of moral status as it applies to so-called “marginal cases,” such as individuals in a permanent vegetative state and frozen pre-embryos.

I was previously a postdoctoral fellow at Bar-Ilan University,  the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Tel Aviv University, and the University of Chicago Law School (as a Law and Philosophy Fellow). I received a PhD in philosophy from the University of Chicago (Dissertation title: “A Defense of Basic Equality”. Committee: Brian Leiter (co-chair), Martha Nussbaum (co-chair), and Dan Brudney.

Pronouncing my first name can be tricky.  I therefore go by Net, to the satisfaction of all.